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Researching your Australian and Papua New Guinea Military History

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Whilst I continue inserting links that I think might be of importance to you.  I would encourage those young ones still at school to not solely rely on the internet alone for references.  The library is a wonderful place to go to read books.  These books hold valuable information that may be the internet world may not have caught up with.  I remember in secondary school when a handful of us girls, at the girls school I attended (including myself) voluteered to be the Librarian's assistant.  Only because we knew once we completed our work we could read books after wards.  People have spent hours and hours transcribing their knowledge of information for us to read from.  Please never disregard the ordinary book for valuable information.  Some cultures they pass stories by word of mouth, from generation to generation and some how those precious informations may have got out of context or may have been forgotten.  I come from one of those cultures and now I am transcribing what I know for the generations to come...

Australian War Memorial (highly recommend it)

Australian War Memorial Research Centre

Understanding Conscription in Australia -

Compulsory military service for duty within Australia was revived in 1939, shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War. There was to be no conscription for service overseas, but instead, in a bill passed in February 1943, "Australia" was defined in such a way as to include New Guinea and the adjacent islands. This obliged soldiers in the Citizen Military Force (CMF) to serve in this region, known as the South-West Pacific Area.

National Australia Archives Of Australia

Department Of Veterans Affairs other contacts - Australia

Whilst I am updating this page I had completely forgotten to add some of our history of Indigenous Australians at War - The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, the first Australians.  These are some of the websites.  Did you know I never learnt about them in primary school in the 1970s or high school in the 1980s, it was only when I joined the Indigenous army reserve units in Far North Queensland (FNQ) and in Darwin, Northern Territory (NT) that I learnt about them.  Especially the Aboriginal Trackers who served in the Kimberleys and the NT whose website links I am trying to find at the moment.

Our Indigenous Australians - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders service for Australia

Tribute to the Indigenous Australians who served Australia in WWI and WWII

Indigenous Australians At War

Battle for Australia Council

The ANZAC Day: Legend and Coloured Digger ANZAC March

Battle for Australia - Island Defenders

Torres Strait Islanders


Navy News

The Army Newspaper

Air Force News

There is more to be added on later on...

Disclaimer:  I accept no responsibility or liability of any loss to any incorrect or out dated information some of these websites may contain.  The most accurate up to date information at the time known to me is inserted in these pages.  It is the responsibility of the individual to do their own research in their own time.  This is just a guide to assist people in giving them as much information as I possibly can to assist them in learning about Australia's WWII history in Papua New Guinea.  My views and opinions and experiences will not exactly reflect other peoples' views and opinions and experiences.

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